Understanding CBD

CBD Products

Power Up Gummies

A little goes a long way with our Power Up Gummies. This energy formulation utilizes key ingredients alongside pure CBD to bring you a burst of energy whenever you need it.

Night Cap Gummies

A little goes a long way with the Night-Cap Gummies. This energy formulation utilizes key ingredients alongside our pure CBD to aid your body’s natural cycle and deliver deep, meaningful sleep.

Body Rub Salve Stick

Apply soothing Freezing Point CBD Salve to the areas that need it most. If chilled, this CBD salve stick can also be applied with pressure to help work out problem areas while nourishing the skin

My story

Up To

I am a woman of many hats and titles; Mother, entrepreneur, athlete, coach, motivator, speaker, champion, overcomer, survivor, and a fitness advocate just to name a few!

From the inside out, I champion overall wellness for my life. Whether it is running miles on the track, putting in hours with my therapist, or chasing after my dreams.

I began racing after my highest goals on the rubber tracks in Greater Cleveland, Ohio. Shining with many victories in a blue and white uniform from the legendary Collinwood High School. I became a 2-time State Champion and a 5-time All-American.

Earning these accolades provided me a full-ride scholarship to the sunny state of California, where I ran track for Cal State.

My passion has taken me from radio row working for ESPN to owning multiple businesses as an entrepreneur.

None of these accomplishments mean as much to me as being a mom of two. I teach my children that with hard work and resilience, there is no barrier you cannot face.

Life is full of waves, and how you ride the ups and downs make you who you ultimately become.

Join me as we go down the journey of wellness using my services, products and intelligence. From the inside out, your wellbeing is my business!